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My Year in Running: 2015


Looking back at this past year, I realized that I didn't blog much and I totally missed out on documenting several races and experiences. I really hate that happened. However, I did have a pretty awesome year in running for 2015. I mean seriously...I RAN MY FIRST MARATHON! That's something that I'll never forget. I also ...

Warm a Heart PattyPacks 5k 12/5/15 (A New PR! Call it a comeback?)


I know it’s been a while…heck it’s been almost all year since I’ve blogged. But sometimes life just gets busy and I sometimes struggle to balance all of my passions. And blogging is one of my passions that fell on … Continue reading

Warm a Heart PattyPacks Race Volunteer Recap


I think sometimes us runners take the race for granted. I’m not going to lie…I do. I don’t fully comprehend what it takes logistically to put on a race. And let’s face it, I hope I never do. I don’t … Continue reading