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#MedalMonday: Come Hill or High Water, RUN HARD!

Run Hard Marathon

After 19 weeks of training, it all came down to this race and this medal. Last year I volunteered for the Run Hard Marathon. It was last year that I was inspired. I remember thinking at that time, I think I can do this! It took a friend or two to push me to actually ...

Friday Favorites: Simple Hydration

Friday Favorites | Lil Mys Ninja

Happy Friday friends! I hope everyone is safe and has been staying warm. I don’t care much for winter. It makes me want to hibernate and I have a tough time staying active. My marathon training has been helpful though … Continue reading

Running Simple Through 2015 with Simple Hydration

Simple Hydration Run Team

I’ve got some exciting news to share!! After Elijah and I returned from our runch yesterday, I received this: Yes! That’s right! I’ve been selected for the 2015 Simple Hydration run team! Have you heard of Simple Hydration? It’s my … Continue reading

Simple Hydration #RunSimple Photo Contest & Giveaway Winner!


Happy Wednesday lovelies and thanks again for making yet another giveaway a successful one! Now before I announce the winner, I want you all to know that Simple Hydration currently has a photo contest going on RIGHT NOW so you … Continue reading