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Marathon Mondays: Week 19

Marathon Mondays

This is the last week of my Marathon Mondays training recap!! It's been an amazing journey and you have no idea how grateful and blessed I am to have all the support from not only my friends and family but all you guys as well! Thanks for following along in my journey to my first ...

Marathon Mondays: Week 18

Marathon Mondays

Holy cow. ONE. MORE. WEEK. Well…technically only 5 MORE DAYS! I’m actually getting more and more nervous. And yes, a little scared. I’m also now stalking my weather app to see how kind Mother Nature will be to us. According … Continue reading

Marathon Mondays: Week 16

Marathon Mondays

I totally forgot to publish this yesterday…Oops! Yikes! Three more weeks until my FIRST MARATHON! I’m getting more excited and even more scared. I begin tapering this week but I’m already antsy and second guessing myself. Anyhow…let’s see how my … Continue reading

Marathon Mondays: Week 15

Marathon Mondays

If you remember last week’s recap, I started having problems with my Achilles. The coach and I made a wise decision to skip my runs for the week to allow it to heal. If it had to happen, it was … Continue reading

Marathon Mondays: Week 14

Marathon Mondays

Happy February friends! Can you believe that January is already gone?! I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun. I’m hitting the peak of my overall marathon training. I hit the 100 mile mark in January, ending the … Continue reading

Marathon Mondays: Week 13

Marathon Mondays

I apologize for the lateness in posting this week’s training recap this morning. My friends and I have been dealing with a loss this past week and I’ve been preoccupied with these things rather than blogging. All the posts I … Continue reading

Marathon Mondays: Week 8

Marathon Mondays

Last week was a cut back week in my schedule. It wasn’t a very successful week though. Monday: Rest Tuesday: Easy 5k Treadmill Run I took to the treadmill late Tuesday after work. I didn’t feel like getting out in … Continue reading

Marathon Mondays: Week 7

Marathon Mondays

I feel really good about last week’s training. I think it was a successful week! I got in all my runs and a day of crosstraining. Not to mention that I ran my longest distance so far. I was pretty … Continue reading

Inaugural Run Hard Lexington Half Marathon {Recap}

Running meme

Remember back in April when I registered for my 2nd half marathon on a whim? It was two weeks out from my planned 2nd half marathon and I needed a long run before tapering. So Friday night, I drove out … Continue reading

Marathon Mondays: Week 6

Marathon Mondays

Monday: 4 mile run at Pub Run with Elijah Garmin time: 4.01 mi in 40:29 = 10:06/mi pace We had negative splits: 10:27 / 10:19 / 9:51 / 9:48! It’s been a while since I had one of these. Elijah … Continue reading