Motivation Mondays

I just recently returned to working out after taking a 4 year hiatus. I used to have access to a gym daily but lost that when back in 2007 I decided to leave Blue Cross Blue Shield to take a job opportunity with a different company. At first I struggled to keep my motivation to continue running and working out. My new job took me 20 miles to the other side of town, so my workout routine was jeopardized. I no longer had daily access to my running buddies nor free weights, weight machines, and exercise classes. Then about 3 months into my new job I was in a car accident. If you thought I was struggling before…

Everything totally got turned upside down and I had to wear a boot for my broken right foot and a brace on my left sprained ankle. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to run properly again. It took about 2 good years to heal 100% and to be able to run without any pain whatsoever. But even then I still couldn’t find the motivation to CONTINUE running. Not until the year 2011. I finally made it a good HABIT! Of course once that became a habit, I then decided to get back into strength training in order to compliment my running. Thus, I found the love for working out again!!

In 2011 I also started to become more active on my blog. When that happened I began finding other fitness bloggers fanatics. This only fueled my motivation. I expanded my stalking past the blogosphere and found more of them on other social networking sites. Then I found FitFluential. This fueled my desire to motivate others by sharing my progress journey to keeping a fit & active life! Thus, “Motivation Mondays” {formerly known as “Get Motivated Mondays”} was born. Some of these workouts that I’m sharing I’ve either put together myself, adapted from others, or are ones that I’ve tried from other fitness fanatics. I try to give credit where credit is due.


I am not a licensed medical professional, nutritionist, therapist, or certified personal trainer. All views, suggestions, or ideas expressed on this website are based on my own personal experiences in my healthy lifestyle journey. When making your health or exercise decisions, please take into consideration what is best for you. If needed, please consult your doctor with any medical issues or before beginning a training program.

**Happy sweating!**


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