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Motivation Mondays: Strength Training for Runners

Motivation Mondays via @LilMysNinja

Building a strong base, running hills, long runs and speed work are all important things for a runner’s training. But another important part of a runner’s training that is sometimes if not always neglected is strength training. Strength training is … Continue reading

Motivation Mondays: Full Body Weights

I’ve been saying week after week that I’ve been neglecting my strength training. Anyone else here? Show of hands? Oh…just me? {Source} You can clearly see it in my Instagram. Run, run, run…that’s all I’ve been doing. I honestly can’t … Continue reading

Motivation Mondays: Compound Moves

Monday already? Where does the weekend go? The floors are not completely done in the house but we did get most of it done on Saturday. There’s a small section left and the quarter round molding and then we’ll be … Continue reading

Motivation Mondays: Quarter Mile with Supersets

This past week I began to focus more on my upper body. Personally I want to work on strengthening and toning my upper body rather than my legs. I’m happy with where my legs are but not quite happy with … Continue reading

Motivation Mondays: Kettlebells!

Ugh, I can’t believe it’s Monday again! I had a small vacation last week and only worked two days. But now I’m back to a full work week again. If you’re curious, I did not let vacation make me lazy…I … Continue reading

Motivation Mondays: Arms Supersets & Abs

First off, I want to wish you all a Happy Memorial day! I hope everyone takes a moment to remember why we celebrate today. It’s not a day off or a day for grilling out and having drinks…It is a … Continue reading