My Year in Running: 2015

Looking back at this past year, I realized that I didn’t blog much and I totally missed out on documenting several races and experiences. I really hate that happened. However, I did have a pretty awesome year in running for 2015. I mean seriously…I RAN MY FIRST MARATHON! That’s something that I’ll never forget.


I also got paired with my little IR4 buddy, Breckin. That alone is one of the best things that happened to my running this year. I have a purpose and I have inspiration. On days when I’m not motivated to get out and run, I think about Breckin and knowing that he can’t run helps me push myself out the door so that I can get in those miles for him. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for us.


I’m in the process of drafting my race schedule for 2016 and will be saving money for something exciting planned on the horizon for 2017. But since today is New Year’s Eve, let’s take a look back at my year in running for 2015!

Total # of races/runs: 21
# of Miles Run: 676.11
# of PRs: 2
# of Medals: 16
# of Age Group Awards: 3
# of 5ks: 9
# of 10ks: 3
# of half marathon: 5
# of marathons: 1
# of races run with Elijah: 5
# of Age Group Awards with Elijah in tow: 2


Favorite race: Air Force Half Marathon
My father is an Air Force veteran and I wanted to do this race last year but it was sold out. I loved meeting up with the local Dayton RWB chapter along with several eagles from across the US also there for the race. The fly over with the U-2 Dragon Lady, the featured aircraft for the 2015 race, the was the perfect start to race morning. It was beautiful. I loved how they had several aircrafts around the start/finish area (which happened to be at the Air Force Museum), that the course was peppered with soldiers as course marshals and that a soldier presented me with my finisher medal. I proudly carried Old Glory for the 13.1 miles to honor my father and all the soldiers; fallen, serving and retired.


Best 5k: Fallen Firemen 5k
This was a new race and it was the first cold temps of the season so that means perfect running weather for Elijah! This is the first race that I placed 1st in my age group with Elijah in tow. I was pretty stoked and pretty surprised! Not a 5k PR but definitely a race with Elijah to remember and the age awards were pub glasses! Pretty cool, eh?


Best 10k: James Island Connector 10k – I love bridges, I love Charleston and I love running with Elijah. This race gave me all three AND a finisher medal. Most 5k and 10k races around here in SC don’t provide finisher medals so I was excited that this one did and they also provided an extra one for Breckin!


Best half marathon: Virginia Beach Rock n Roll Half Marathon
Surprisingly this was my best one this year, as opposed to my worst one as I called it last year (2014). The weather this year was much more forgiving with temps at least 10 degrees cooler than the year before and rain. It was by no means a cake walk…it was tough with the wind coming off the beach. However, it was my best because it was the first time that I ran carrying Old Glory for the full 13.1 miles. I was nervous, yes. And there was one man who tried to chastise me, threatening that I better not dare drop HIS flag. Despite the negatives, the positives outweighed them all. I challenged myself and I proudly did it, and I made a couple of new friends along the way! It was an amazing experience carrying Old Glory with two other eagles supporting me for the whole race.


Worst race: Long Beach Half Marathon
I wanted this race to be a PR and I was overly confident. It doesn’t matter that I run in SC heat and humidity, when you are running a half marathon where 2.5 miles are on beach front with no shade and it’s the hottest weekend of the season, you will still be affected. I held a great pace until about mile 9 and did lots of walking for the remaining of the race. It was disappointing and humbling. BUT…getting the opportunity to go to California and being able to run this race with my family is priceless!!


Favorite race medal: Air Force Half Marathon


Favorite placing medal: Warm a Heart PattyPacks 5k (It’s a purple heart!)


Favorite Race Destination: California, hands down!

Best challenge: racing with Elijah


Most proud of: completing my first marathon


Best Lesson: rest really does your body AND your running good!

Biggest challenge: those long runs for marathon training

Biggest change: I AM A MARATHONER!

Most memorable moment(s): Coming together with several eagles to support Derrick, a fellow eagle by flying across the finish line together. “Birds of a feather flock together.” That moment made me proud to be a part of the RWB family. <img draggable=” />


I also was honored to participate in the SC Run for the Fallen back in November. It was a humbling experience as we carried a flag for every fallen SC soldier. At each mile marker the runners would stop, read the soldier’s bio, salute and plant the flag. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again next year.


My running year in one word: AMAZING

I’m super excited to head into 2016. I set a goal last year to run 1000 miles in 2015. Though I fell short of that goal by just around 325 miles, I’m definitely not giving up! I’m setting my goal for 2016 for 1000 miles again and fingers crossed that I’ll finally reach it. I’ve got a few other running goals in mind for the new year but that, my friends, will be for another post. Cheers to the new year!

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  1. Wow. You had such an amazing year. Cannot wait to see what adventure 2016 brings you.

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