Marathon Mondays: Week 19

Marathon Mondays

This is the last week of my Marathon Mondays training recap!! It’s been an amazing journey and you have no idea how grateful and blessed I am to have all the support from not only my friends and family but all you guys as well! Thanks for following along in my journey to my first MARATHON! So without further adieu, here’s how the last week of training went…TAPER MODE!

Monday: 5k mile run at Pub Run with Elijah
Garmin time: 3.11 mi in 31:27 = 10:07/mi pace

It was my first time using my new Garmin Forerunner 220. I. Love. It. I love that it uploads wirelessly and automatically after I complete a run. No more wire uploads or waiting to connect to a computer to upload all my runs for me! Plus it’s got a runner tracker feature that totally works. It makes it much easier for those races that don’t offer runner tracking. You can actually see me moving along the map! I’m sure I’ll be blogging a review on it in the next few months as I use it more.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 3 mile treadmill run
Garmin time: 3 mi in 30:45 = 10:15/mi pace

I tested out the 220 on the treadmill and the built-in accelerator was surprisingly accurate! Very cool!

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: MARATHON!!!!
Garmin time: 26.45 mi in 5:43:29 = 12:59/mi pace

Run Hard Marathon


Sunday: 2.1 mile recovery walk

Surprisingly the legs felt better that I anticipated. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect since this was my first marathon but they weren’t as sore as I was afraid they’d be. But they were sore. My right knee really hurt after the marathon on Saturday but it appears that my icing and compressing Saturday evening really helped because the pain was gone on Sunday and all that was left was soreness. It was a beautiful day so PJ and I took Raven out for a nice leisurely walk along the Riverfront Canal.


Coach only had me scheduled for a 30 minute recovery walk but I ended up walking for 50 minutes. Oops. I did foam roll and enjoyed a nice hot epson salt bath last night though. 🙂

Total Miles: 32.5 (+ 2.1 walking miles)

Did you race this weekend? Tell me about it!
Do you embrace the taper?

See you on the road!

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  1. Congratulations!! I loved seeing your posts this weekend and the updates on Facebook. I’m glad you’re feeling okay and hope you have a good recovery! Definitely take it easier for a few weeks. Marathons are hard on the body. I can’t wait to read the full recap too!

  2. Congrats on your race — can’t wait to read the full recap!!! Also, I had no idea the 220 has live tracking. My friend who is running the marathon with me has one, so we’ll be plugging into that during the race!

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