Friday Favorites: Marathon Memories

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As this post publishes, me and 11 other people will be on our way to start an epic adventure running from Columbia to Charleston. We’ll be running the Palmetto 200 Relay Race. Unfortunately I missed it last year so I’m totally stoked this year!

So, in the meantime while I’m out running all weekend, I wanted to leave you guys with some more pictures from my first marathon! These came from PJ’s phone. I had forgotten that he took some and so I didn’t get to include them in my recap. And he also took a video! Enjoy!

How was your week? Anyone racing this week too?

See you on the road!

3 responses to “Friday Favorites: Marathon Memories

  1. Good luck with the 200! You got some of the coolest marathon pictures ever from Run Hard. Also are you still doing the bridge run and want to meet up that weekend? I’m thinking I will do dinner at Parson Jack’s with my Florence/Pee Dee run club friends and you’re welcome to join, or we can just hang out sometime :).

  2. Have a great race at the 200. I love your marathon pictures.

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