Motivation Mondays: Bumps in the Road

Motivation Mondays

Saturdays are my long run days. This past Saturday was a hard long run. I had myself scheduled for 8 miles but ended up only doing 7 miles. This summer heat is really kicking my butt. But I keep getting out there and getting it done. My last two training schedules that I adapted from Hal Higdon had me running at 5 days a week. I’m using the same training plan yet I’ve dropped down to just 4 days a week. And I’m a little worried that I won’t feel as ready or be as prepared.


I’m pretty grateful that Team RWB has a weekly run on Saturdays. It makes it less likely that I’ll back out of my long run. Every Saturday has been a great run…until this past Saturday. I don’t know what it was. The humidity. My heavy legs. My toe being rubbed by my toenail. My mind…


But I was glad that I had someone to run along with me for 5 of the 7 miles I did. Had it not been for her and her dogs, I might have stopped to walk long before that 7th mile. In fact, I wanted to stop at 6 miles. But as we came upon the bridge to head back up to the parking lot, I made that split decision to push through one more mile. I was drenched in sweat and my legs were heavy but I knew I could push myself to get one more mile. And I did.


It’s funny how you can run with another yet each person will have their own experience. We all have our own journey. One thing that I constantly remind myself when I’m disappointed in my run is that I’ve got to take the good with the bad. They can’t all be great runs. We all have those “bumps in the road.” But they can all be experiences and/or lessons that guide me along my running journey on this road. And I’m grateful for those that help push me along on those days that I need it. Those that help me over those “bumps in the road.”

How do you deal with a “bump in the road”?
Do you have running buddies that help?

See you on the road!

15 responses to “Motivation Mondays: Bumps in the Road

  1. It was super humid for my long run on Sunday as well. It really helped to have someone from the training group to run with for half the distance (she was going longer than I was so I was on my own for the 2nd half of the run). I agree that it’s important to accept the bad runs and try to channel them into something productive. In the past, I would have used them as an excuse to give up but now it’s just a reason to push harder.

  2. For me, having a running partner helps for accountability but it also makes the runs more fun and I tend to run longer. One thing I do when I have a run scheduled that is longer than the other person’s is I make sure to run whatever extra before I run with that person, so that way we finish at the same time. Plus their legs are a little fresher at the end so it helps to push me- I did this a lot for my Sunday long runs before I got hurt because the group would run 8 and I wanted to do 9-10.

    • I definitely agree, the running partner does keep you accountable. Good point of view on the longer runs. I ran with a friend that was training for a marathon on one of her long runs. I didn’t properly think that one through. We started together which meant she had to finish alone. Next time I’ll have to plan it for the last half of her run. She’s planning on doing another spring marathon.

  3. Those motivational posters are a couple of my faves (I have them both saved to my phone pics)! I think runners always go through at least one bump in the road. Having someone there to pick you up really helps! When I was training for my marathon I ran on Saturdays with Team RWB as well and having them there even for just part of my long run helped me break past some of the walls I ran in to!

  4. I’ve been battling the heat here in AZ pretty badly too. My times are SUPER slow and every run has been a struggle. That’s the bad part of training for a fall marathon 🙁 My running group super helps keep me motivated. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

    • My friends were just talking about how they don’t want to do a fall marathon because of the heat and humidity here. That’s awesome that you have your running group to help push you through your training!

  5. My bump in the road is life! Not complaining but it is hard.We are down to one vehicle and many times my husband works late. When he gets home I want to have dinner ready and set down with my family. But then it is usually dark and late. The kids need to get ready for bed and my husband wants to spend time with me. He is very supportive but sometimes I feel guilty for leaving as soon as he gets home then having dinner done late or having him make it.

  6. Bump in the roads are fine unless they make you quit. There’s never enough of one can do to achieve success and results ;0

  7. I talk to my running buddies and try to find a way to think positive when I hit my speedbumps.

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