Friday Favorites: 7/18/14 Edition

Friday Favorites | Lil Mys Ninja

I missed last week’s Friday Favorites post. In fact, I have a few blog posts in the works but haven’t had a chance to get them posted. For example, I’ve planned for a Garmin Vivofit review but I’ve had a slight problem with it and I’m curious to see how the Garmin Customer Service will handle it. Don’t worry, I’ll report after that.

I’m hoping I’ll get some time this weekend to get these posts up and scheduled. I am currently working on a few reviews and giveaways for you all, so don’t forget to check back during these next few weeks!

I can’t believe that we’re halfway through July already. As quick as this past week flew by, I did some pretty cool highlights.

You’ve Got Mail!

Friday Favorites

Who doesn’t love getting packages? The UPS guy was my best friend the other day. I received items for the blog and Elijah!

Active Rest Day with Raven!


Yesterday was my rest day so I left Elijah at home and took Raven for a morning mile walk! She pranced around like she owned the street! It’s a struggle to split equal time between both Raven and Elijah. Raven was super excited for her morning walkies and Elijah was super jealous. Spoiled rotten pups!

Race Water Stop Selfie!

Team RWB

The Harbison Xterra trail race was Sunday. I would love to run this race but had to pass this year. So I opted for volunteering instead! Several Team RWB members ran and three of us volunteered. It was loads of fun, just wait till you see all the pics when I post the recap.

More Bling? Yes please!

RNR VB Remix Challenge

Rock n Roll Virginia Beach announced the Virginia Beach Remix Challenge this week! Saturday, the day before the race, they will hold a 1 mile run on the beach at 8 am. So basically, I’ll run a mile on the beach and earn a finishers medal and a beach towel. Complete two days of running and you’ll receive a special Rock n Roll Running Festival Medal for completing the Virginia Beach Remix Challenge! Who wouldn’t want more bling?? (PS. I just noticed that they have the same thing for the Philly RNR!)

Tell me what exciting is happening in your life right now!
Are you running Virginia Beach RNR? Are you going to run the Mile on the Sand run?

See you on the road!

6 responses to “Friday Favorites: 7/18/14 Edition

  1. Spoiled rotten pups is the best way to raise them! hehe :0) They are so cute!!

  2. I love that being a blogger we cool stuff in the mail! What did Elijah get?
    We were debating about RnR VA Beach again. Finally my sister signed up and she is waiting for me to make a decision. I really don’t feel like doing the half again ( but the medal is So cool). I wonder if the 5K medals are cool too? She’ll be doing the beach run i’m sure.

    • Elijah got a box of the Proplan refuel bars for dogs for after his runs. 🙂
      You should do VA Beach! Hope to see you there! Abby (@BackatSquare0) and Mar (from Mar on the Run) will be there too and I’m meeting up with them!

  3. I’m excited to participate in the run festivals, and earn extra bling, in both VB & SAV.

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