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If you’ve been following me for some time, then you’ve heard me mention our local Fleet Feet store on many different occasions. Probably most likely because they hold a weekly pub run on Mondays and you’ll always find me and an assortment of RUI peeps there every week. Never fails. Can’t find me on Monday? Stop in at the British Bulldog Pub and I bet you’ll find me rubbing elbows with the Fleet Feet peeps along with other runners and even Rob, the pub owner.

That’s Rob in the yellow shirt to the right of me and Curtis

So we’re half way through the year, well into July already, and I’m sure you’ve seen several runners starting their training for the fall races. For those of you who are not as knowledgable in drafting your own training schedule, there are several training programs out there. Our local Fleet Feet offers a few.

  • New Beginners Run a Mile: this is a 4 week beginner’s program. It helps introduce participants to running and accomplish the goal of running one continuous mile.
  • No Boundaries 5k: this 12 week program is for beginners new to running and/or walking wanting to complete a 5k aka 3.1 miles.
  • Change of Pace {8k or 12k Training}: a program sponsored by New Balance for those wanting to increase their mileage. The program starts in July with the 8k training geared for the Governor’s Cup in November and the 12k training for the Ray Tanner Home Run 12k in October.
  • Half Marathon: I think this is pretty much self explanatory. It’s a 12 week program designed to help both runners and walkers. The program specifically helps those that can currently run 5 miles to obtain the goal of completing 13.1 miles.
  • Marathon: again, this is self explanatory. This is a 14-16 week training program to help prepare first time marathon runners or even seasoned runners wanting to meet a specific goal.

So now that you’ve seen what our Fleet Feet store in Columbia, SC offers, why not check out your own local running store to see if they offer training programs? The up side to a structured training program with a group is not just the guidance from experience coaches, but also the camaraderie of other runners! That can be just the thing you need to help push you through that training run one day!


If you don’t have a local running store nearby, no worries! There are several online program options available at your fingertips! Here are a couple just to name a few:

Google is your friend. But please remember to take caution and speak with your doctor before starting any exercise regimen.

Or if you don’t want to do an online program on your own, there are several coaches out there that offer online services like my fellow Sweatpink sister and blogger, Laura at Mommy Run Fast. Some people just prefer to have that personal touch with an actual experienced couch and online couches can still provide that.

Whichever you decide to do to help prepare you for your fall races, I wish you all Good Luck!

Do you have a local running store?

Have you signed up for any of their training programs?

See you on the road!

2 responses to “Motivation Mondays: Training Programs

  1. I love this post :). Obviously I have to promote and represent TrySports Mt. Pleasant, but we also have a Fleet Feet here and they offer that No Boundaries program, I think twice a year. I saw them at a race I participated in. Our TrySports store does two programs a year for half marathon/marathon and Cooper River Bridge 10K, along with Couch to 5K like 5x a year.

    Also… you get something doing a program like this through the store with other people. You build a relationship with a running store (Fleet Feet here was not open when I moved down, btw, it’s new), and a relationship with other runners. So you find running partners, you have coaches, and you have people to run with on the long runs. Also ours provides water and aid which is HUGE plus… especially when marathon training and it’s hot!

    • Excellent points Amy, thanks for adding!! Our Fleet Feet also provides water and like you mentioned, that is definitely a plus!

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