Motivation Mondays: Don’t Tell Me You Can’t!

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This past Saturday I was a cheerleader at the Tom Hoskins Memorial Sprint Triathlon. It consists of a 350 yard swim, 13 mile bike ride and a 5k run. My friends Ilia, Matt, John, and Rodney (who, by the way, were also my Palmetto 200 teammates!) participated.


Dawn and I weren’t there long before heading to the pool area to wait for the fun to begin while our friends gathered at the entrance for the participants. A volunteer kindly reminded us several times which door to leave through as the door we entered was where the swimmers were to be rushing out to the transition area. She also asked us to stay out of the walking area by the pool since they will have a person on crutches leaving the pool and walking in that direction. Wow…I was intrigued.

Then I saw this kid.


I remembered seeing him earlier because of his hair. 🙂 Yes the color stands out. When I first saw him, he was walking around without crutches so I paid no mind. Obviously he was wearing his prosthetic and I didn’t know it. And now here he is walking past me….on crutches. My heart smiled and the crowd cheered. Inspiring. His name is DJ and he is only 16 years old. A year after losing his leg in a car crash, he was now participating in his first triathlon.



After he finished his laps in the pool, he moved to the bike.



Then he completed the 5k run.



He completed his first triathlon only a year after losing his leg in a serious car accident.
…He swam.
…He biked.
…And he ran.


Now try to tell me that you can’t do something…I dare you. Because a 16 year old amputee named DJ just showed us all that you CAN.

Read the news story and see the video on

Have you completed a triathlon before?

Where was the least likely place you found inspiration?

See you on the road!

6 responses to “Motivation Mondays: Don’t Tell Me You Can’t!

  1. Very inspiring. Good for him. I’ve worked with a few amputees that are trying to get used to wearing their prosthesis and after years they still have to walk with canes or crutches. It is amazing that he progressed so quickly!

  2. Great reminder! I think this often too, there are plenty of people who have overcome way worse things then I can every imagine, so suck it up and go. Also just watched the video of the man who has completed multiple marathons pushing his son in a wheel chair and he just recently completed the Ironman with his son, pulled him in a boat while he swam, biked with him then ran a marathon pushing him….

    • Oh my gosh! I’ve seen that video and I had waterworks like crazy!! He is also very inspiring to others. It makes me think twice before complaining about something so insignificant compared to others that have less than I do. Thanks for commenting! ❤

  3. I have not done a tri, but I don’t really have the desire. But what an inspiration! When I ran the Army Ten-Miler and the Marine Corps Marathon, when I would see the Wounded Warriors, the singe- and double-leg amputees, I was reminded to shut up about any “pain” I was in. THEY were my motivation.

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