Motivation Mondays: Proper Fueling

Over the course of the past few months, I’ve learned that fueling properly for your long runs is a must. As I started increasing my mileage on my weekend runs, I found that I wasn’t feeling very well immediately afterwards. Not to mention also feeling a bit sluggish during that last leg of my run. I started running longer but had not changed my pre- or post-fueling habits. Big mistake.

Oh, you mean the food I eat surrounding my runs impacts how I feel?!?

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Of course, I made the most common mistake. I soon learned how important it is to not only prepare your body for the long run, but also important to replenish it afterwards.

I turned to my twitter running friends to get some input on fueling and after gathering some suggestions and input from others, I started experimenting with some things and timing of fueling to see how it goes. You always want to experiment BEFORE your race on your regular runs. Never try new things or a new routine on the day of your race.

I’ve now made a conscious effort to make sure I eat a meal before running. I was used to running fasted since most of the time I would run when in the morning when I woke up. However, as the winter months came along, I was now running at different times of the day rather than just in the morning. So I focused on making sure I’ve eaten something before heading out for a nice long run. That being said, I’m experimenting with the time frame. If it’s a snack, then I try to eat it within a half hour before my run. If it’s a meal, I try to eat within an hour. Though I’ve read that you should give a 3 hour time frame for meal eating so as to allow the proper digesting time, I haven’t had any problems with my timing yet.

If I’m not eating a meal and need a pre-fuel option, I’ve been using Healthy Bites as one of those options. They’re easy to grab and go, they’re HEALTHY and gluten-free, and did I mention yummy??

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I found these a few months ago and have been addicted ever since. I always have a supply on hand. Not only are they a great pre-fuel option, but they’re also a great post fuel option AND even a great snack! My friend Lindsay Cotter is the mastermind behind these little balls of goodness. She’s married to a professional triathlete, not to mention that she’s also a nutrition manager, sooooo……I think she’s pretty much an expert, don’t you? If you haven’t tried them yet, then you MUST! You can thank me later.

Another part of my pre- and post-fueling routine is the consumption of BCAAs, otherwise known as branched-chain amino acid. I use Fitmixer. They have a grape and a fruit punch flavor and I love both!

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From Fitmixer’s website: fitmixer® amino® uses Tri-Flow, a patent-pending blend of ingredients university tested and clinically shown** to increase nitric oxide 300% more than leading fitness products.* Increased nitric oxide may have a variety of benefits including increased oxygen delivery throughout the body to reduce fatigue and improve muscle recovery.*

Just this past weekend I tried running with my fuel belt again so as to have some if needed during my run. They helped in washing down the chews that I started using.

Speaking of chews…

It was a few weeks ago that I decided to try using chews on my runs. I don’t like gu gels {I’ve tried one before and didn’t care much for the taste} and I can’t eat hard chews while I’m running. So, soft chews it is. After chatting with some of my twitter running buddies, I decided to try out the Honey Stinger brand. They’re like gummy bears! The fruit smoothie flavor is my favorite so far. Be warned though, they are sweet. Thanks to my friend and SPA sister Melissa for suggesting these!!!

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The key to your fueling for a long run? Experimentation. Find what works best for you! My suggestions above may not work for everybody, but they sure have been working for me thus far!

Here’s a great read about 5 common distance running issues and how to avoid them: 5 Distance Running Disasters

See you on the road!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed medical professional, nutritionist, therapist, or certified personal trainer. I’m merely a healthy fitness enthusiast who enjoys sharing information, experiences and ideas. All views expressed on this website are based on my own personal experiences in my healthy lifestyle journey. When making your health or exercise decisions, please take into consideration what is best for you. Please consult your doctor with any medical issues, or before beginning a training program.

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10 responses to “Motivation Mondays: Proper Fueling

  1. I SO love trying new gels/bloks but hate when some don't work out lol… I dig organic!

  2. I feel famous! haha Glad you are figuring out what works for you!! Always a fun game to play! This week starts my running again and I can't wait — need your running bug 🙂
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  3. your support is just amazing, thank YOU! and i couldn't agree more with the rest of your fuel. Love FITMIXER and HONEY stinger!!

  4. I just picked up some Power bar chews to try out. Fingers crossed that they taste as good as they look on the package! 🙂 But Honey Stinger definitely won me over!

  5. Thanks for telling me about them!! Here's to hoping my running bug bites you! Let me know how this week goes!

  6. Thank YOU Lindsay! Love love love them!!1 <3 And sounds like I've been making good fueling choices! 😉

  7. yep, I use the bites for pre and post workout fuel! they are fab! I have been seeing these honey stinger products everywhere, I'll have to grab some next time I'm out! Is the fitmixer like kool aid tasting? I'm not a fan of fruit juice or punch so idk how that would go down.
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  8. Shalama Jackson

    My favorites are the pomegranate and the orange honey stingers chews. I also like the honey stinger vanilla waffles after a run if I am not going right home to eat..

  9. The fitmixer does taste like fruit punch or a grape drink, that's what I like about it. I tried prosculpt and didn't care much for the after taste. That's why I moved to fitmixer. Much easier for me to drink.

    You've got to try the honey stinger!

  10. The orange honey ones sounds tasty! I've seen the waffles but didn't want to eat like that on my run but I didn't think about after a run if I can't get to food right away. Thanks! I'll have to try that!

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