#WIAW: I’m making a comeback!

I’ve missed the last couple weeks of WIAW {I know, I know…slacker!} so I’m happy to be joining in the foodie party again! Yay!

Yes, yes, I was totally slack on foodie pictures, but I made it a point today on Tuesday to make sure I make up for it and take pics of all my meals!

I’m still enjoying that homemade cherry jam I bought the other week at my favorite Farmers Market shop, Jacob’s Country Store! I’ve been slathering it on my english muffins to pair along side some scrambled eggs for breakfast. {drool}

Sometimes you just gotta indulge in some Frrrrrrrrosted Flakes…cause they’re grrrrrrrreat! =) I topped it off with some hemp seeds! I just picked up a small bag the other week to try and I’m loving them.

I dropped PJ off at work yesterday so I opted for a made to order Publix salad. I swear that there is some lettuce, bell peppers, tomatoes, and banana peppers under all that meat!

Did I mention that I had a race last night? Recap coming later this week. Sorry for the recycled picture {for those of you that follow me on Instagram}, but my pre-race and post-race fuel consisted of the same thing: 2 healthy bites and an 8oz serving of fitmixer! {Check out the Fueled by Healthy Bites button in my side bar if you wanna know more about them! ♥>

By the time I got home from the race, it was a little later than my normal dinner so I was starving! I finished up that last bit of the Healthy Parmesan Chicken I made. I topped it on some whole wheat macaroni pasta. I know it doesn’t look the prettiest, but I promise that there’s chicken strips in all that homemade tomato sauce. =)

Aren’t you proud of me for taking foodie pics? I know you’ve missed them!

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4 responses to “#WIAW: I’m making a comeback!

  1. Happy WIAW! It looks like you had some nice food all day.

  2. ahhh yes yummy!!! you know I'm with you on the Healthy Bites! we are addicts!!!
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  3. Thanks for stopping by! Happy WIAW to you as well!!!

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