Friday Favorites: 8/1/14 Edition

Friday Favorites | Lil Mys Ninja

Happy Friday friends! What a busy busy week! I can’t believe that’s it’s already August. And I have 30 days until the VA Beack Rock n Roll half. Yikes! I haven’t been as dedicated in my training as I was for my Spring halfs. I’ve been feeling a bit run down and haven’t done any speed work so I’m a little worried. Sigh.

But I know I’m not going for a PR and I know that it’s going to hot soooooooo…… plan is to just enjoy myself and take it as a fun run, not a race. I just want to enjoy it and I think I will because I’ll be running and hanging out with some pretty awesome people. I can’t wait! I get to meet up with Mar from Mar on the Run, Abby from Back at Square Zero, and hopefully Lacey and Meranda from Fairytales and Fitness. Who else is going to be at VA Beach?? Tell me in the commments!

This morning I had a 5 miler scheduled and decided to shift days because my weather app showed sunrise at 7:30 instead of 6:30 and I assume that’s because of the cloud coverage from our rainy weather. Being that I needed to be out and running with Elijah at 6am, I just didn’t feel comfortable being out there in the dark for that long without someone else with us. So I decided for the 5 miler tomorrow morning and my long run on Sunday. Sheesh. Wouldn’t you know it, here it is at 6:30 am and the sky is lightening up. Oh well. I need a rest anyways. Plus it gave me the chance to get this Friday Favorites post together since I didn’t have it typed up last night! Why? Well, because I was too busy having fun last night doing this…

Paint and Wine!

Paint & Pour

My lovely friends Dawn and Audrey invited me for a fun night of painting so how could I resist? I brought a bottle of wine to “unwine” and paint the night away last night. I’m pretty proud of myself! I can’t believe that this painting came from me. I definitely needed that time to relaxing and unwind. As I mentioned before, I’ve been feeling pretty beat up from work, training, fostering and my social life so I really appreciated last night’s fun girls night of painting and wine.

Tootsie the foster pup!

Tootsie the foster pup

Isn’t she just adorable? She is probably one of the best foster puppies we’ve had. And I saw one of the best, because Elijah and his brother and Cupid and Vixen are probably my favs of all time. Tootsie was a little shy at first but Elijah totally brought her out of her shell. She has a blast playing with him all evening when we are home. She’s also one of the easiest fosters we’ve had! I just love her face!!

Pool Time Relaxation


After filling, draining, repositioning and refilling….we finally have our pool up! We bought this thing 2 years ago and failed to put it back up last year. This year I decided we needed to make use of it again! Nothing says relaxation after a long hard day or week that floating around in your own pool in your own back yard. Yep, I’m loving it.

Trivia Night!

Trivia night

Every Wednesday is trivia night at Carolina Ale House. PJ and I try to make it when we can. Last week we had a pretty good sized group of people and this week was the same. It’s fun to get together, socialize and debate of the trivia questions. Ha! I was actually pretty proud of myself for having a few answers to contribute this week and I was confident in them. So tell me, what footwear did Run DMC wear and even made a song out of?? :) (This was my favorite question of the night!)

And of course, my favorite of all…

Workout Time with PJ!


You might have seen earlier in Monday’s post that I mentioned PJ motivated me to get that double run in on Saturday. Just the fact that he came out with me to run/walk himself while I knocked out those final 4 miles made my heart smile so big. I love it when we are able to do something fitness together! I just love love LOVE this photo of us after we finished our workout!

Oh, and just so you know, as I finish typing this up it is now pouring rain outside. So I guess my decision to shift my run days was a great one after all. :)

What are your highlights of the week?
Share your favorite moments in the comments below!

See you on the road!

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