Marathon Mondays: Week 13

Marathon Mondays

I apologize for the lateness in posting this week’s training recap this morning. My friends and I have been dealing with a loss this past week and I’ve been preoccupied with these things rather than blogging. All the posts I had plans of drafting and posting last week and these were put on hold, however I plan to get them posted soon because I even have a giveaway to post!

Regardless of things in my personal life, I was able to get in all my prescribed runs and workouts. I just realized yesterday that there are 6 more weeks until my marathon! Woah. As I’m hitting these PDRs weekly, I’m getting more excited…but as it gets closer, I’m getting a little bit more nervous too.

Monday: 3.5 mile runch with Elijah
Garmin time: 3.5 miles in 36:42 = 10:29/mi pace

Our company had to work but I took a half day in order to attend our Team RWB chapter’s photo shoot. It was pretty awesome…

Team RWB

And thanks to the half day, I headed out for a nice run at lunch time with Elijah in tow. It was a nice sunny and VERY WARM 60 degrees! Ouch! That’s 20 degrees warmer than what Elijah and I have been running in lately. I unexpectedly found a hill in a close by neighborhood. It would be perfect to do hill repeats on…


Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 40 minute cycle with speed intervals

Warm up 5 minutes, then speed intervals of 1 minute fast/1 minute slow. I did this 10 times then a cool down ride until the 40 minutes total was reached.

Thursday: 6 mile run with Elijah
Garmin time: 6 miles in 59:50 = 9:58/mi pace

Elijah and I headed our for an early morning run since I had plans for the evening. This probably has been the fastest 6 miler in a long while. I don’t even know where I got the energy myself but it felt great afterwards.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 18 mile run
Garmin time: 18 miles in 3:55:40 = 13:06/mi pace

As my runs get longer, it gets harder to find the right route to get that mileage in without getting bored. Not to mention that sometimes I’m not able to find running buddies to keep me company. I’ve been very lucky though and haven’t had to do many of these long runs completely alone. That said, I was grateful to have a running buddy for my whole 18 miler on Saturday. Even though it has concrete sidewalk, I decided to run Cayce Riverwalk because just a few weeks ago they opened a new path and I wanted to check it out. A friend of mine already ran it and said we could get at least 15 miles out of the whole Riverwalk, so I figured it would work perfectly. Four of us met a Riverfront and ran over to Riverwalk to jump on the path. The first few miles were slow-paced and we had a few stops here and there but we finally got settled in. Around the 5.5 mile mark, we split up. Two turned back and Eric and I continued on. I was grateful to have the company when exploring the new path. I guesstimated the mileage wrong and we turned around before hitting the end and headed back to the cars. Because of this, I was forced to loop around an apartment complex and parking lot in order to get the last mile and a half of my run. I was a little bit disappointed in my overall time, however after checking my splits I realized that my pace at the beginning was almost a minute slower than my marathon training pace so now I’m not as worried about my time anymore. I stuck to my fueling plan and used Huma gels this week. I’m thinking of switching to them instead of Gu because they are less thick and not as sweet as Gu. Soreness in my knees kicked in that evening thanks to that concrete path. Ugh!

Sunday: 30 minute recovery walk

I was a bit stiff and sore when I woke up. (Have I mentioned how I hate concrete?!) I headed out for a nice easy stroll with Raven in tow. We got in about a 1.3 mile walk in 30 minutes. I’m glad I did because my legs felt great afterwards!

Total Miles: 27.5 running (+ 1.3 miles walking)

What are you training for this week?
Did you race this past weekend? Tell me about it!
How do you keep your long runs interesting?

See you on the road!

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