Friday Favorites: 8/22/14 Edition

Friday Favorites | Lil Mys Ninja

I just realized that I’ve missed the last two Fridays with my Friday Favorites post! Well, I’ve got plenty of favorites from this week to make up for my slacking off!

Team RWB fun!

Friday Favorites: 8/22/14 Edition

Friday Favorites: 8/22/14 Edition

Last weekend was our first Adopt a Highway. We asked for and were assigned the mile stretch in front of the VA. After we’ve done two trash pick ups, we will have our name attached to the sign. We had a great turnout for our first day! And even though the sun poked through the clouds to heat up the later part of the morning, we still had a blast! Way to go Columbia, SC Chapter!

Friday Favorites: 8/22/14 Edition

Earlier this week, I finally received my Team RWB shirt and medal for the virtual Solar Fit Firecracker race. I’m stoked to have another shirt to rep!

Palmetto Lifeline Cat Care Fun!

Friday Favorites: 8/22/14 Edition

Porter is this adorable kitten that is available for adoption at Pawmetto Lifeline. He’s a non-stop purr machine and loves to steal all your attention! Here he is being all cute and stuff while I was petting another one of my faves named Jayli. :)

Friday Favorites: 8/22/14 Edition
Porter: Why won’t you play with me?!
Jayli: I’m busy getting groomed by the human. Wait your turn young grasshopper.

Furkid Fun!

Friday Favorites: 8/22/14 Edition

Last weekend we had a puppy weekend sleepover! This cute little guy’s name is Harley and belongs to one of my coworkers. I love this little pomeranian! Isn’t he just adorable?

Friday Favorites: 8/22/14 Edition

This little ball of cuteness had so much fun that he fell asleep just about anywhere! When he finally did sleep, that is. I had forgotten how hyper a Pom puppy can be!

Friday Favorites: 8/22/14 Edition

Harley stole all of the antlers from around the house and hoarded them on the couch. But that didn’t stop Elijah from stealing them back!

Friday Favorites: 8/22/14 Edition

And he is PJ’s best friend!

Catching up with friends!

Friday Favorites: 8/22/14 Edition

John, an long time friend of mine, was in town last weekend. We caught up on our lives over a late lunch. I haven’t seen him in years so it was good to catch up!

Friday Favorites: 8/22/14 Edition

Isn’t this kid just adorable?1 His name is Donovan and we like to call him D-man for short. He is Brandi’s son, who is a friend of both mine and PJ’s. We haven’t seen them in a year and earlier this week we finally had the opportunity to visit for dinner. I love catching up with friends!!

Summertime Fun!

Friday Favorites: 8/22/14 Edition

While visiting Brandi and D-man, the fire hydrant on the corner of their block was released. Apparently a cable company hit a pipe while they were digging down the road. That made for some water fun for the neighborhood kids! Oh to be a kid again. :)

Rock n Roll VA Beach 2014 medals

Rock n Roll VA Beach released this picture featuring all three medals that one can earn next weekend. And yep, I’m definitely registered for it. Even though it’s a summer race and I’m pretty sure the heat and humidity is going to be tough, I’m still stoked for all the bling and can’t wait!

What fun have you had this past week?
What are you favorite moments? Share in the comments below!

See you on the road!

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